First Collaboration with Jack Guior


As many of you know by now, I recently collaborated with my husband, Jack Guior, to help design some unique merchandise! For the release of our new brand, we wanted to create something you'd be proud of wearing. It's not your traditional, let-me-slap-my-name-on-the-t-shirt design, but a more thought out and colorful shirt. We will eventually give you that minimalist design mentioned, logo and text only, but not yet, we want to show off a little! ;)

You may wonder why these shirts are $49.00, let me explain why. These shirts are made by American Apparel, a company known for its basics manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Additionally, these shirts are printed locally in Las Vegas, NV, and not only that, but the amount of ink used on these shirts is more than average. This is mostly due to the pink background behind my silhouette, but remember, we wanted to give you color!

So far, we know you love them, but not the price. We are going to try and cut costs for future designs and hopefully offer black t-shirts as well. We grow from your feedback, so please keep telling us your likes and dislikes, we promise we won't bite! Feel free to send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram, comment below, or email us directly at Now, here's a message from the illustrator.


Hi, everyone!

Flor de Liz and I thought it would be neat if I gave everyone a little insight into the artwork itself. The inspiriation behind the drawing is my love for my wife. In my eyes she is absolutely gorgeous and I have always tried to draw her, but it never came out quite the way I wanted. Drawing faces can be complex. Not so much drawing a face, but drawing a likeness of someone in particular and having it translate correctly can be tough, but always a fun challenge to tackle. Shape and size of structure is key, and when I decided to do this design for our tee, I think I it nailed it on the head.

When it comes to the design, I saw the roses sitting atop her head much like how Frida Kahlo wears flowers in many of her paintings and photos. Frida was someone who was proud of her sexuality and someone who was proud of her heritage. She was someone who was confident and is someone Flor de Liz takes much inspiration from. The rose is a beautiful and elegant flower; compassionate and fiery in its color, giving off a sense of strength and sensuality; with its thorns keeping you at arms reach, they are something to be admired from afar. They are not overpowering in their design, which was perfect, as it did not take away from my lady's beautiful face. With a soft skin complexion, and beautiful long dark hair, I wanted to show her beauty and show just enough skin to be tantalizing, and enjoyable to look at.

I love color, and wanted the finished look to be bright and vibrant. Flor de Liz has Mexican roots, and being married into a family who is proud of their background, I quickly fell in love with much of the culture, especially the color used in many of their artworks. I have Latin roots, but roots I am not too aware of. I adapted Mexican culture like my own, I feel, and love what it represents. Everywhere in Mexico there is bright color, and I wanted to show that in the art. I hope you love the design as much as I do. I love what I do, and would love to do more down the road if you want more, so let me know! Send us ideas you would like to see designed in the future.

Thanks for reading and have a great night!

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