What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is a business model where a company's goal is to make clothing with quality and longevity. Companies that focus on this new phenomenon are aware of their carbon footprint, they pay their employees a fair wage, provide a safe work environment, and aim for as little waste as possible.

It is produced at a slower rate and it has a slower production schedule with less seasons. More attention to detail during the manufacturing process is possible and less accidents are prone to happen. Typically, companies who stand by this movement are very transparent with their audience and everything they make is usually traceable. Due to the time and care that is handled with slow fashion, garments made under this movement tend to cost more, but have many benefits. 

Everything slow fashion is, fast fashion is not.

Fast fashion is the complete opposite and is harming our environment, even as we speak! They design your clothing so it only lasts one wash, Jack can attest to this. It's strategy also involves making you feel like you're out of style by offering new clothing all the time. Companies like Zara, Forever 21 and H&M are all known for doing this. Their main concern is making a profit, regardless of how it affects people and the environment we love. They are always after fashion week's trends and rip off designers' looks. They mislead you and make you think you're saving money by buying cheap clothing, but in reality, this clothing won't even last you a whole season. There are a lot of technicalities when it comes to fashion, but you have to do research and ask these companies to trace back where everything was made in. If they don't answer, there's something to be concerned about. 

To educate yourself more on Fast Fashion, I recommend watching "The True Cost" on Netflix. It's definitely a tear-jerker and makes you question your devotion to fast fashion companies like these.

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