About FDL

Flor de Liz Guior (FDL) was founded in early 2018 by husband and wife, Flor de Liz and Jack Guior. Concentrating on slow-fashion ideals, (everything is made in the USA), with the goal of delivering conscious, high-quality designs to its caring customers. Through a behind-the-scenes look on social media, we show how everything is made, ensuring our bespoke and ethical practices.
Creating evening wear and custom designs, Flor de Liz, is a leader in dressing and empowering women to feel more confident at any event. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail in every piece and understands the value of hand-made artisan craftsmanship.
Our mission is to empower women, to provide exceptional and personable customer service, and to design luxurious, innovative, and fashionable evening wear. We value strong and open relationships with our clients as a way to build trust and better understand how fashion impacts their lives.